*Podcast* The Year Ends in 1: Episode 1 Part 1


Recorded Saturday 13th July 2019:

Chaired by a Tottenham supporter Ian Wallis, 5 fellow Spurs fans (Casper Wallis, 11, Simeon Wright, 21, Rikki Swarbrick, 41, Rob White, son of Spurs legend John White and co-author of The Ghost: In Search of My Father the Football Legend, and Peter Wright, 61, discuss a broad agenda of matters concerning Tottenham Hotspur.
Spanning several generations, the inaugrual edition delves into why we came to support the club (and what subsequently hooked us), our differential expectations, appraisals of the club’s current position (for example, whether or not 2 trophies in 28 years is acceptable).

Part 2 assesses each individual’s favourite era of watching Spurs, best and worst moments and projections as to what the future holds for Spurs.

Our 61-year-old participant symbolises Tottenham’s last league title success (1961😱), whilst our 11-year-old supporter was born in 2008 (the year of our very last trophy).
Furthermore, the 1-year-old son of another participant represents the many promising years ahead for the club.

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