Forthcoming Journal Article- Levy at Spurs: A Critical Assessment

The journal article consists of 3 volumes:

  • Volume 1: 2001-2007
  • Volume 2: 2008-2012
  • Volume 3: 2013-2019

*Volume 1: 2001-2007 is now fully published (*

A heavily researched, highly detailed and unhurried opinion piece, my forthcoming journal article critcally assesses the entirety of Daniel Levy’s reign as Tottenham Hotspur chairman. A fitting inaugrual WordPress entry for myself, the piece takes both me and other Spurs fanatics down memory lane, particularly regarding playing staff. Indeed, a principal hope is that it’ll invoke sentiments along the lines of: what a player he was; as well as the odd: oh f**k I remember him, he was absolute trash!

Whilst on a more analytical level, I review his long-term ambitions, various successes and failures and, most extensively, the historic lack of contingency in regard to Levy’s managerial and player recruitment strategies. The latter a topsy-turvy journey which, since Mauricio Pochettino’s appointment in 2014 (10 years on from the true beginning of the turbulence), has stabilised markedly.

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